Foglight Educational Webcast on Tuesday, April 25: Tips for Rule and Alarm Management

If you use Foglight and are responsible for ensuring that performance monitoring alarms are helping your organization focus on important performance bottlenecks and resource constraint problems, you'll benefit from learning important aspects of handling rules and alarms in Foglight.  Alarms are generally fired by rules that detect an alarm state in something of importance to you - perhaps a key performance indicator or a capacity issue.   You don't want alarms being raised simply because you've configured Foglight to misinform.  

Whether alarms are being raised for a real-time problem, a non-urgent but building problem, a database, a server, or anything you are monitoring with Foglight, you have control over when and how alarms fire.  Foglight provides several built-in mechanisms and tools to help you keep alarm storms (needless alarm noise) from happening.

Rules are critical to your monitoring strategy, and to effectively control alarms and other rule behaviors you should be aware of some best practices.   Join us for a live webcast on Tuesday, April 25 that will cover topics that are sure to help you as you refine your performance monitoring alarms:


Webcast series: Foglight Skills 101

Topic:  Tips for Rule and Alarm Management

Date: Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Time: 12 p.m. CST

Duration: 45 minutes


Learn about these aspects of rule management

  • Best practices for altering rules
  • Rule conditions
  • Rule actions 
  • Rule behaviors 
  • Scoping of rules and alert threshold values to finely tune when, and for what, an alarm fires

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 We’re looking forward to hosting you for this educational session on Tuesday, April 25, 2017.