Foglight Tip: Track Management Server Startup Process

Wanted to share a quick tip for those that may be wondering "How is my Foglight Management Server's startup progressing?"  When the Foglight service starts, perhaps after installation, or a server reboot, you may be greeted with the following "spinning circle" on the login screen.  

This screen tells you that the Foglight Management Server is starting, but has not yet completed.  Once it completes, you will be presented with the login screen. This can take anywhere from a few seconds, to a few minutes depending on the horsepower of your Management Server, and the number of Foglight cartridges you are using.  If you would like to track the progress of this startup, perhaps to make sure that nothing has failed, or if you are just curious how things are moving along, there are a few options that can help.  

First, if you click on the spinner graphic (technically anywhere on the page should work) you will be presented with a text based output of the Foglight startup log. The information moves quickly, however its more important to make sure you see movement than any of the specific detail.  If any errors appear, they can be extracted from a log file on your Management Server.



If you'd like even more information, you can navigate to the installation directory on your Foglight Management Server, and find the FoglightStartup.html file located in the <foglight install dir>\state\splash folder.  Open this file in a web browser, and you will see the following page, which auto refreshes, showing you the progress of the Foglight startup process.  

Once the process completes, the moving bar in the upper left hand corner, will be replaced with a message that the startup is complete, and will provide a link to the login page.  The number of "Cartridges Enabled" will vary based on your Foglight deployment, but expect it to be in the 40+ range.

Hope this helps those of you interested in the Foglight startup progress!