Getting Started with the Storage SDK: Monitor any Storage Array with Foglight Storage Management SDK

Foglight Storage Management provides support for monitoring Dell Compellent (including Dell Storage Manager) & Equalogic, EMC Clariaon, CX, VMAX, VNX & Isilon, Hitachi AMS, VSP & USP, HP EVA and 3PAR, NetApp OnTap 7, 8, 9 including Cluster Mode. However, there are many arrays on the market and here at Quest, we want to ensure that anyone can monitor whichever array their business has invested in. This blog is a brief introduction into building your own storage monitoring agent. We are using Purestorage as our example agent, see the attached zip file to try it in your environment.

What is the Foglight Storage Management SDK?

The Storage SDK is a set of Python modules that allow users to develop custom agents that submit data into the Foglight Storage Management (FSM) framework. That means all that is required is the Agent; say for PureStorage, and once deployed, all of the data automatically populates the FSM Dashboards, Reports, Alarms and Capacity planning capabilities. That's it, no need to make custom dashboards, rules or alarms, Foglight handles all of it right out of the box.     

Attached to this blog is a fully functioning PureStorage Agent that utilizes the array's API to query performance and utilization metrics.

How do I get started ?

  1. Install Foglight Storage Management version 4.4 or 4.4.5 (releasing May 2017)
  2. Watch the video below
  3. Install Python 2.7.x
  4. Install pycharm community edt
  5. Download the SDK from Foglight via Administration -> Components for Download: Search for "StorageAgentSDK"
  6. Grab our example agent attached here to practice
  7. Start to build your agent
  8. Ask questions in forums, blogs or contact your account manager for help from Quest or one of our Foglight partners


A tip, many storage arrays have published python modules that can access your array's API, after the video I have posted a table with some examples.

Stay tuned for more blogs on the Foglight Storage Management SDK.