Rapid Recovery


Is anyone else noticing another drop in Support performance? 

There has always been a huge disparity between techs, some are amazing and others are very poorly trained. But I seem to be on a streak of bad techs. And now, there does not seem to be anything I can do. I have asked for this tech to escalate the case, transfer the case and have his manager contact me, but he just ignores me (along with any technical information, or replies I send)

We used  to also be able to call into dispatch and have the case reassigned. But they no longer appear to be a team. That is interesting because its the same team (phone#) that you HAVE to contact to open a Sev 1. But I have been calling the number for 2 weeks now and it always says I am the second in the queue but no one ever picks up.

We have some unusual sites so we are not the easiest to work with (setting up remotes is a challenge due to security) but this is crazy

  • Hello scashman,

    Thank you for bringing these issues of concern to our attention.

    Our support team is one of the best in the business and we take any shortcomings in the way we interact with customers very seriously.

    We are performing a critical analysis of the support issues you brought up (which include contacting you directly so you can help us to better understand the points that need improvement).

    Of particular interest for our investigation is your experience with escalation procedures as they have not changed. You should have had no issues requesting case transfer or any other information on your Service Request as this actions are designed to be straightforward and trouble free for our customers.

    Since your experience was different from what we would expect, we will find out what went wrong and I will follow up on that.
  • The cases have been reassigned and I just got off the phone with the new tech, he seems very knowledgeable. Thanks for your follow up and thanks for the PM Tudor