Rapid Recovery


Is anyone else noticing another drop in Support performance? 

There has always been a huge disparity between techs, some are amazing and others are very poorly trained. But I seem to be on a streak of bad techs. And now, there does not seem to be anything I can do. I have asked for this tech to escalate the case, transfer the case and have his manager contact me, but he just ignores me (along with any technical information, or replies I send)

We used  to also be able to call into dispatch and have the case reassigned. But they no longer appear to be a team. That is interesting because its the same team (phone#) that you HAVE to contact to open a Sev 1. But I have been calling the number for 2 weeks now and it always says I am the second in the queue but no one ever picks up.

We have some unusual sites so we are not the easiest to work with (setting up remotes is a challenge due to security) but this is crazy

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