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Repository "Add Storage Location"

I recently had the occasion to add repository extents to two existing repositories. One is currently 13TB and has no extents, and I'm adding a 5TB extent. The second is quite a bit larger, 41TB, with 2 extents, and I'm adding a 3rd of 15TB. I've never had any problems adding storage. The repositories are all contained on the same server with a JBOD striped array of 220TB. A total of 3 Cores use this as a repository server.

Using the GUI, I use "Add Storage Location", then put in the Data Path and Metadata Path (both the same), and the size (4.5TB to one and 14.5TB on the other). I've tried both with "Run Repository Optimization ..." and without. Then "Save". What happens is that the task sits there "Validating" for around an hour, or so, then just goes away, and I'm left with the filled-in box ready to "Save", again.

Never had any problems with any of the 3 Cores doing this before. Anyone have any ideas about what's going on? I know that 56TB in a single Repository is asking for trouble, but I have others nearly that size on other Cores, and the smaller one is way smaller, at 18TB, than most of my Repositories.

This is somewhat urgent as I now have only 7.5TB free in the 41TB Repository, and we're in the process of moving more data to it. Any help would be appreciated. I was going to do a support call, but found this forum, and figured what-the-heck.


  • Have you tried doing it with more than one browser? I've seen browser issues cause this kind of problem before and by using a different browser you can get around it. Also, I would not check the "optimize repository" checkbox as that will run the optimization job which will take an extremely long time on a large repository like that.
  • I just tried again using Chrome (the original was IE), but no joy. As I said, I've never had any problems prior to this, and, just yesterday, I added an extent to a Repository on another Core.
  • Have you tried restarting the core service? Anytime I run into strange issues like that where the UI doesn't respond properly I find that a restart of the service fixes it.
  • That didn't work either, by itself. What ultimately did work, at least for the smaller of the two, was a complete re-boot of the Core, which, of course, caused a "check" run on all the repositories, including the 41TB, which is still running and probably will still be running all of today. This sucks.
  • Hi douglas.murphy
    Looks that Chrome set security differently every other build :). Current build (59.0.3071.104) works fine while the previous one was failing in the manner you describe. However, in most cases connecting remotely to the Core GUI with Chrome (i.e. you open Chrome on your workstation and access the Core server url https://<corenameOrIP>:8006/apprecoveryadmin) will work fine in mostcases.