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Is there a way to receive a single email notification for all background jobs completing successfully rather than receiving multiple emails for all background jobs completing?

We have snapshot jobs run every hour for multiple servers in our environment and we like to see email notifications on when they complete or fail; however, we receive multiple emails for each server's snapshot job and it starts to flood the inbox. Is there a way to create a single email notification stating all jobs completed or a way to limit the number of emails received? I assume I could just set the emails to send only when jobs fail and otherwise assume the jobs are completing as normal.



Jonathan H.

  • Hi Jonathan:
    Just to be sure I understand. You would like to have an hourly report of the succeeded/failed jobs?
    I can help you via scripting but we need to get on the same page, first :)
  • That is correct; however, is it possible to receive just one email for all jobs completing instead of a separate email for each job completing?
  • Now that you've mentioned that, that puts a second thought in my head. Is it possible to automate a report at the end of every day that shows the backup transfers for that day? I know how to pull up that specific report but is there a way to automate it?
  • It sure is. Are you familiar with PowerShell? (If not, we can help you). To get an idea of what is available, please go to:
    * download the jobsreport.3A.orphan.ps1 (browse all the way down and the script is the first link in the attachments list). Make sure that it is not blocked (ctrl-rightclick, properties, unblock)
    * open an elevated Powershell command prompt
    * make sure that it is at least Powershell 3.0 by running
    PS C:\> $psversiontable
    (if you are running Windows 2012 or later it is installed by default)
    * allow running local scripts (this may be not necessary but better safe...)
    PS C:\> set-executionpolicy remotesigned -force
    * run the script (navigate to the folder you have downloaded it i.e. PS C:\> cd c:\temp) and run the command below:
    PS C:\> .\jobsreport.3A.orphan.ps1

    If all is well a webpage will come up with the report (by default 24 hours). If you are running Internet Explorer, you may need to allow execution at the bottom of the page.

    Navigate the report, expand and collapse regions etc.
    If you like what you see, read the text of the KB :). Open a service ticket if needed... and let us know.
  • Tudor,

    I appreciate your time and assistance. I was able to create an automated Job Summary Report through the interface. I wasn't aware that under the reports menu, you could select the drop down and choose Job Summary Reports and schedule them accordingly.