Rapid Recovery

Rapid Recovery to S3

Has anyone ever tried to use Rapid Recovery to backup to any other S3 compatible services besides AWS, Azure, Open Stack or RackSpace?

  • I can say that we have had 2 different customers use S3 compatible cloud services for archiving by changing the S3 endpoint in 6.1.3 during the cloud configuration setup. As long as the cloud storage service is truly S3 compatible, we see no reason why the S3 cloud configuration shouldn't work as long as you set the endpoint to the correct endpoint for the compatible service.
  • Thanks Tim! Here is a follow up question: Let's say the first ingest of S3 data is 1TB and each day there is 100GB change. Can Rapid Recovery only send the 100GB of change blocks each day or does it have to send the entire S3, 1TB again, day after day?
  • In short, yes.

    RR does incremental backups. When archiving, you can choose the recycle action for how it handles the data. If you use the incremental recycle action, then RR looks at the data that already exists in the location and then appends an incremental archive with only the new data to the existing archive. If you choose any of the other recycle actions, then it will do a full archive of the data each time since the other options overwrite or delete the previous data.