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Missing agent repository

Dear all,

got a error message when replicate to another core, any advise? thanks

  • Hi jason_meng,

    Are you getting this error when

    1) Configuring replication for the first time?, OR
    2) Replication is failing after it has been set up?

    For either scenerio, please review the following solutions

    1) Verify that the target/remote/offsite Core has a configured repository that is mounted. If the repository is displayed with a red dot, go force a repository check. When the check completes attempt to reconfigure the replication.


    2) Again, verify that the repository is mounted. If the old repository was recently deleted and a new one created, you'll need to assign this repository to the replicated machine. This can be done by breaking the replication configuration on both Cores and reconfiguring replication.

  • Hi Derek,

    thanks for your reply, I didn't get this error after re-add these Hyper-V VMs,
  • Hi jason_meng,

    To verify, the error went away after you re-added the Hyper-V VMs to protection? During the wizard you would specify the repository for them so this would make sense. Thank you for your response!