Rapid Recovery

Dataset move on agent server

We recently moved our data on our agent machine (2008 R2) from direct storage to a NAS iSCSI connection. The data is still presented on the agent machine but as new drive letters. 

How can I point rapid recovery to now back up what is the same data as before but with new drive letters and not have to start all over again with a base image? My goal here is to conserve space on the core server. The support folks told me to archive all existing data on the core, wipe the repository then point to the new location of the data. After that I can then restore that archive.

Forward thinking, will that still then force a base image on the new location or will we be able to start backup right where we were after doing this and do incrementals? I have a feeling a base image is going to be necessary anyway I do this.

Or can I "trick" rapid recovery by using the same drive letter. This doesn't seem a safe solution though.

Thanks for any input

  • There is no way to trick Rapid Recovery into taking an incremental in your scenario. The agent filter driver is tracking changes on the disk and each disk has it's own change log. If you moved the data from one disk to another disk, that is a totally different disk that will have to have a base image taken before change logging can occur. Rapid Recovery is a block level, volume based backup software, so it doesn't matter what the files are, all it looks at is the volume and the blocks on it. The backups that you have currently are for the direct attached storage which has it's own GUID, size, geometry, etc. and that is in no way relatable to the new disk that has it's own GUID, size, geometry, etc. I wish there was a way around this, but unfortunately there is not.
  • Tim,
    Thanks for the response. I thought thats how it was going to work but had to ask.
    Appreciate it.