Rapid Recovery

Is it me or does Quest Repositories take forever to come up?

I had to reboot my 2012 R2 server after the CORE stopped responding.  After reboot, it takes hours for my system to be ready and for the Repository to mount.  Does it usually take forever for this to happen or should I look to issues with the configuration?  I see CPU use is 15-30% and MEM is less than 30%

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  • I tried but the core wouldn't shut down. The core was down for 2 days and no backups were happening. We have seen this happen where the core stops responding. You can't stop the service (it's stuck in the "shutting down" phase and we had to kill the .exe. Having said that, even just a regular server reboot, the repository still takes for ever to mount. We have a 40TB Dell array attached with a 3TB repository on it.
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