Virtual Disk on DR4100 not connecting to VM (2016 hyper-v)

I'm in the process of getting a new Hyper-V server setup for our backup software.

Server: Dell R740, Win2016
Backup Storage: Dell DR4100 (now owned by Quest)
VM: the guest OS VM VHDX is local to the Hyper-V server

For whatever whacky reason, the backup vendor wants the storage attached at the hyper-v level. So they want us to create a VHDX that will live on the DR4100 and connect it, via CIFS share, to the VM. Which seems simple enough.

I'm able to create a VHDX file in Hyper-V on the DR4100 and connect it as a secondary drive, but once the machine starts I receive the following error:


I'm able to copy the same vhdx file to a local disk (D:\) and the VM starts without issue. I'm able to mount the VHDX from our fileserver CIFS share and the VM starts without issue. I'm even able to connect the VHDX on the DR4100 to a Win2012R2 Hyper-V host/guest VM and the machine starts.

There seems to be something about Win2016/Hyper-V2016 that doesn't like connecting to the DR4100, but I'm not sure what it is.

There's no Anti-Virus, no firewall, no other VMs on the host. Nothing I can think of that would be preventing the guest from connecting and starting that VM.

Any help would be appreciated.


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  • Hi ju6:
    There is something that does not seem to fit into place :). First this is a Rapid Recovery forum and as such it does not have anything to do with DR appliances (our appliances are called DL). Second, the DR appliance is a LINUX machine -- which will never allow you to create a VHDX, not to mention that it holds data in a specific format.
    Just for the record, your issue is that you are probably trying to attach a Gen2 virtual disk (Windows 2012R2 and later) to a Gen1 (Windows 2012 and previous) virtual machine.
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