DR 4000 have alert redundancy degraded



i have a DR4000 wiht a alert redundancy degraded, the alert dont dessapeared in a week. previously a disk display Foreing but after the comand clear-- foreingstate he disappeared but the redundancy degraded dont normalizes.

2 disk are in state ready

do you help me?

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  • Hi jlflorez:
    This is a Rapid Recovery forum -- and our appliances are DL xxxx, not DR.
    However, it looks to me that you need to rebuild the array. This may take a very long time.
    It may also be possible that the 'foreign' drive to have a bios issue. If the array is not in a rebuilding status, it may make sense to check the drive -- for instance by attempting to update its firmware. If the drive is a SEAGATE there may be a specific issue related to a blocked bios -- which is rather difficult to fix (it involves removing the drive from the array and powering it while some contacts under the circuit board are covered, followed by entering a few command lines).
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