Two base images and follow-up incremental snapshots

We setup an additional AppAssure/Rapid Recovery server at a DR location for replication. However, our file server (which is our biggest backup in terms of storage) will not replicate because the recovery points are too large.

After investigating I discovered that two base images were created for this VM for some reason. From the screenshot below, or if you can tell me how to check, which base image is safe to delete? Is the first base image in the list the one that the recovery points derive off of? Or is it the most recent base image? I need to delete one of them so that this VM can replicate to DR.

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  • INC always refer back to the previous base. Your course of action will depend on what you mean by safe.

    If you delete the base from 6-5 it will remove every INC after that plus it WILL perform another base on the next backup. So I would not recommend that

    If you delete the base from 5/28 it will also remove the 7 INC above it (5-29 to 6-4)

    No matter what you do, the data from the new base is going to have to be transferred to the replication core somehow (you could use a disk if you need to)

    I would also look at the Dedup Cache on the Core. I would bet you are still set to the default (1.5GB) or low. The Dedup cache is there to assist during replication and esp when there are new bases but it has to be configured properly to do this. It wont help with the fact that new bases are taken but when they are, most of the data can be dedup'd out and does NOT have to be sent over the wire to the replication target

    We had a great thread on this with a ton of information but it looks like it got removed, the search is not working or I cant internet

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