Dr4000 - Can't add permision group on domain in new folder CIFS


On the DR4000 I have good created a container CIFS  enable CIFS .

The dr400 is still on the domain but when i want to add  security permission i see only local permission,  it show me onluy local group not goup on the domain.

How can i fix this ? Because in my new folder i want to add groups from my domain network.

On Global view io gavce t his message , 

Alert : 

  • Member units will fail to connect because non-Active Directory credentials were used to log in to dr4000-01.domain.net.

I try and did reconnect unit  and i t says good : 

"Reconnect DR Units Report"

Last Reconnect Units attempt: Wed Jun 27 09:49:56 2018

All DR Units were sucecssfully reconnected.

Thanks for yopu help./

Product Name: DR4000
Software Version: 3.1.2015.0
Service Tag: C3XVH5J
Last Diagnostic Run: Tue Sep 5 09:25:44 2017
BIOS Version: 1.11.0