Report for Repository Growth

Is anyone aware of a report, or method, or third-party tool that will show trending in repository growth?  Ideally it would be something similar to WhatsUp Gold that keeps disk space usage going back in time and displays trends with a line graph.

Less ideal, but something we could work with, is a table or spreadsheet with daily repository size counts.

I saw a similar topic where someone asked about a report similar to Replay, but when I clicked on the KB article it sent me to a broken link.


  • Hi tromo:

    I have writing such a report on my to do list to support some of our customers and I hope to have it done in a few days. Once it works properly, will make it available to whoever needs it. The issue is that I am not sure how to store the data as such a report should connect to multiple cores and be run from a 'management' workstation. Installing a database engine such as SQL Express just for this purpose seems to be an overkill; using XML or Json formatted text files may make the data quickly unmanageable. Anyway, if you have any (related or unrelated) suggestions please share them! 

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