how to add volume to an already protected machine

how to add volumes to an already protected machine?

I added volumes to an Exchange server after the machine was protected. Now the volumes are not protected.

Rapid Recovery 6.2.1

  • This is a quirk of the UI. Since new volumes are not automatically protected and any volumes that have Exchange or SQL data on them get grouped together you have to basically go in and set the schedule on that volume group again to protect them (since they probably show as protected, but aren't).  Go to the core console -> Select the agent that you just added volumes to -> on the summary page you should see the volumes all grouped together (since I assume they have Exchange data on them, if they don't then they will be listed separately) -> once selected click "set schedule" and then save the schedule you want for all the volumes. If you don't make any changes it should simply keep the schedule you had set previously. This will then bring all the volumes under protection.

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