Enabling ABM at the vCenter level - Non NTFS VMs

If I enable ABM at the vCenter level, I'm guessing this applies ABM on all VMs connected to the vCenter server. How does this handle Linux VMs? I know that it only works on NTFS drives so if it detects that the VM is running something other than NTFS, does it just keep using CBT and not apply ABM?

Or if I have a mixture of VMs should I enable it on a per VM basis?

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  • Yes. Enabling ABM at the vCenter level applies to all VMs (unless you manually disable it per VM, overriding the host setting). Since only NTFS is supported ABM cannot detect any information about the linux file systems and hence won't do anything. It shouldn't cause any issues, it's just the core checking the file system of the volume and then not doing anything further once it is not NTFS.

    To be clear, ABM does not replace CBT. CBT is still the primary method used to track changes, it's just augmented by ABM. ABM detects the active blocks. CBT detects the changed blocks. Combine the two and RR only backs up the changed active blocks. If ABM isn't enabled or doesn't support that file system then RR backs up all the changed blocks. You still get valid, usable backups via CBT, you just don't get the benefits of ABM.