KB301910 PS Warning & Results

Hi All,

I am running the PS script to check my recovery points and saw the following (in yellow) warning-

WARN  2019-08-14T08:33:27 Performance.Replay.Core.Client.LocalMountMana Execute Action DELETE https://MY SERVER HERE:8006/apprecovery/api/core/mounts
e9-80f2-40a8f01fc3b3%257d~|~ took 00:01:02.8944452, which is too long

Also they are not very clear about results and log checking for the script. I think I found and fixed this issue on my own with help from here just after I upgraded but I'm checking anyway but they could be a little clearer about reading results.


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  • The script contains usage information at the top. From that usage information I pulled this:

    Checks recovery points of the specified agents <agentDisplayNames> for errors that could be caused by an issue in the KB301910. The script tries to identify 3 recovery points of interest:
    - newest recovery point backed up from an RR Agent version 6.1.3 or lower
    - oldest recovery point backed up from an RR Agent version 6.2.0 or later
    - newest recovery point of an agent on the Core

    After any of those recovery points were identified, script mounts those recovery points, runs Windows CHKDSK on them, and stores run results into specified location.
    Check results include a file called DisksHealthReport.txt which shows at a glance if CHKDSK returned a failure error code for any of the recovery points checked.
    Note that script is going to write logs and going to put them into a directory named "log" next to this script.

    Did you get a "DisksHealthReport.txt" file to review after the check completed?