RMAD 8.8.1 User Guide - Centralized remote administration

What does this section mean exactly from the User Guide? Why would the documentation for RMAD reference a workstation to be installed?

Centralized remote administration

Recovery Manager for Active Directory Forest Edition makes it possible to create, update, and apply Active Directory backups remotely across an entire network. It can be installed on an administrator's workstation, allowing all operations to be performed from a single, central location.


This to me makes it sound like consoles can be remotely deployed to a user's workstations to connect back to a central RMAD server. However, there doesn't seem to be a way to tell the RMAD console to connect to a different computer remotely. All backup information is stored in the local MDB files, which would be on someone's workstation, and cannot be accessed remotely. Thanks for any clarification.

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  • (my understanding)
    Console. RMAD(RMADFE) management UI can be installed on Server and WS (single location).
    Backups. the Console can connect to any \\SHARE\BKF\... for both to store generated BKF and read BKF to do Online Recovery of AD objects from BKF. \\SHARE\BKF is failover/HA basis for Online Restore.
    DC. Remote access to DC to generate BKF and store (a) store locally \\DC\C:$\BKF\ for Forest DR and (b) remote \\SHARE\BKF\... for Online Restore. Also Remote (agentless = limited) restore of AD objects on DC.
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