RemoteScan not connecting to a scanner

If there are any old or unused scanner drivers installed onto the local PC, we recommend removing these, as they may cause issues with RemoteScan connecting to working local scanners. You can check which local TWAIN drivers are currently installed on a PC by looking at C:\Windows\Twain_32.

If RemoteScan is installed onto a local PC, but will not connect to a USB or network scanner, first make sure the scanner has a working TWAIN or WIA driver installed onto the local PC.  You can test a scanner's TWAIN driver by installing a test application onto the local PC which uses TWAIN, such as NAPS2, Irfanview, Twacker, AcrobatX, Photoshop, Microsoft Clip Organizer, or Microsoft OneNote (2013 or below). You can test a scanner's WIA driver using Microsoft Paint, Windows Fax and Scan, or Windows Scan.

If a scanner doesn't scan consistently into a local TWAIN/WIA test application, it would be a good idea to disconnect the scanner from the PC, uninstall the scanner's drivers, download and install the most recent version of the scanner's TWAIN/WIA driver, and then reconnect the scanner to the PC.

If the scanner performs test scans into a local TWAIN or WIA scanning application without issue, it should connect and work fine with RemoteScan.