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SharePlex Feb'17 News letter


SharePlex open target support

While SharePlex continues to enhance its Oracle to Oracle replication, the SharePlex post process can now also connect and post to multiple heterogeneous targets.

For additional tips and tricks, read our blog on Heterogeneous Target Support.

Starting with SharePlex 8.6.0

  • SharePlex supports replication to Enterprise DB PostgreSQL PPAS, Teradata, SQLServer, and Hana target databases through an Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) interface and to Kafka broker as XML records.

Starting with SharePlex 8.6.6

  • SharePlex supports AWS EC2 and MS Azure Cloud Services for the following configurations: Oracle source and target, SQL Server target, PostgreSQL community edition, EDB PPAS and Fujitsu PostgreSQL target.

This provides enterprises with multiple critical advantages such as Zero Impact migrations, scalability, and integration into your current enterprise architecture. For the datatypes and operations that are supported when using SharePlex to replicate to various targets, see the SharePlex release notes.

Refer to the SharePlex Release Notes for more information.


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