What is the difference between Foglight for SQL Server and Spotlight on SQL Server?

Can anyone help me to know the difference between Foglight for SQL server and Spotlight on SQL Server?

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  • In a nutshell Foglight is a typical monitoring tool where, based on the results, you make decisions for future changes and receive pop-up advice with correlated workflows. Spotlight on the other hand is typical diagnostic tool, which you use to fix the problem on-hand, right now, to find the source of the issue.

    Foglight unlike Spotlight is multi-platform tool with its global view to help address performance issues across database platforms by determining your most critical problems. Foglight also offers adaptive baselines, and it will send you alerts about deviations from normal activity, as well as track performance using automatic detection and calculation of normal ranges for all metrics.

    So, while Foglight for Databases supports Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, Sybase ,PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Cassandra, AD, MySQL and more, Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise is dedicated to monitoring and diagnosing SQL servers and Windows (as well as Linux in the latest edition).

    So for Spoltight to monitor Oracle or DB2 you need purchase separate Spotlight for example Spotlight on Oracle or Spotlight on DB2 versus in Foglight where it is just additional cartridge to cover different platform.

    Additionally, , unlike Foglight tool, we don't offer Spotlight on PostgreSQL, Cassandra or MongoDB.
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