Spotlight mobile information security


I am looking at deploying Spotlight mobile so that I can monitor the environment on the go.

However, I work for a hospital and need to make sure that no patient information is sent outside of the organisation.

Could you confirm if there are any query plans (As these will include patient names and numbers in the text) or any other such information would be sent to the external servers or the app?

Many thanks


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  • Hi Gita,

    I've just carried out the first part of these instructions, which worked fine.

    I'm just going through the second part now, but have found another way to update the string literal in the XML file.
    If you right-click on a SQL connection in the client and select 'properties', the displayed window will show the 'Obscure literals' as ticked, even though the file has not yet been updated (I'm guessing because this is now the default). If you click cancel, the file will not change, but if you then click OK, the ScrubData setting is updated in the file.
    I'm now just going into properties on all of my SQL connections and clicking OK.
    I've checked the first dozen and all are updated correctly.

    Best Regards

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