Grouping objects in Spotlight V12

I've just upgraded to Spotlight V12 and noticed that the 'Enterprise Views' have been removed.
Is there any chance of reinstating this as it was a very useful feature that enabled us to group various objects together by application so that we could see the status of an entire system/application at a glance (As most are made up of multiple servers/DB's).

We also use to use this to separate out test, training and development systems as these are of a lower importance. The heat map and spotlight today views that I now have show some of our test systems at the top of the windows when I'm not really as interesting in them given that they are not live systems.
Could you let me know the best way of going about thing with the new system?

  • Just to add to the above, this feature was also useful for the 'Is there something wrong with . . . system?' as I could just look to that area of the screen and see all of the related resources to see if any were displaying a status colour.
  • Hi Kevin,

    The Enterprise Views was deprecated in version 11.7.1. You can find out more about this change here:

    Connection Custom Views is recommended in replace of it. Views can be used to group monitored connections and filter connections in several Spotlight displays: Heat map, Spotlight today, Alarms by time or Alarm log.

    I suggest to create a few Views and to get a feel. View names are also searchable in connection search fields throughout Spotlight.

  • Hi Gita,

    I have tried the Connection Custom view, Heat map, Spotlight Today and Alarms by time already, but these don't quite give us what we had (Which was all statuses on a single pane of glass and grouped by system/application).

    The custom connection views do allow us to group up connections, but you can only see the first dozen or so on the left of the screen with the rest hidden below.
    Could I request two enhancement that should help with this.

    First, would it be possible to order the custom views by highest severity rather than alphabetically? That way, the groups with problems will come to the top.

    Second, could you add a 'Custom View Heatmap'. This would look exactly like the existing heatmap, but would display the custom connection view names rather than individual connections. If the group name text was always visible, we would be able to retain the single view of all systems and tell which is which. Clicking on the custom connection view name on the new heatmap could then take you to the same screen that you would navigate to if you had clicked on the view on the left of the screen.
    Hope that makes sense! ;)


  • Hi Kevin,
    Your enhancement requests have been logged for the future release of Spotlight. You'll find the related KB article here: