Change to SQL User

The diagnostic Server was installed with a SQL login, not a Windows one. 

That SQL now login has to have its password updated.

How do I update the Diagnostic Server with the new password?

Do I have to fully re-install it?



  • Hi Jo

    Thanks for the details, it's much more clear now.

    Spotlight installation wizard does require creation of Spotlight Playback database. So, you're prompted to connect to an instance during that time. To change the credentials of this connection, in Spotlight, select the Configure tab at the very top of your screen. From this ribbon bar, click 'Diagnostic Server' icon and click 'Spotlight Playback' option. You'll be able to change your Spotlight Playback database credentials here.

    No need to re-install, but you must be getting errors in Spotlight if this connection isn't working.

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