Alarms for specific Service installed on the Database server



I have a service called TunnelSetup running in my database server. Can I set an alarm for that specific service using Spotlight? 

I want to spotlight's alarm to send us an email when that windows service stops running.


What i have so far?

How can i tie this alarm to that service?


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  • Hi,

    This really depends on what 'notifications' means. If you're referring to:

    1) Raised alarms inside Spotlight application - Use Alarms Configuration screen to add a new severity level to filter what type of alarm you'd like to received based on the service.

    2) Spotlight generated emails based on raised alarms - Use Alarm Actions Configuration screen to filter emails based on the raised alarms.

    My suggestion on Alarm Actions was to filter out emails and not alarms.

    Hope that helps. If you still have questions on this, I would be happy to open a support service request for you.

    Spotlight Support Team
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