Files in Cache folder after upgrade to v12.2 keep growing and fill the C: drive.

     There are cache files for each monitored instance at C:\Program Files\Quest Software\Diagnostic Server\Agent\data\caches on a default install of SOSSE.  If one navigates well below the folder with the name of the instance being monitored, you find a file by the name of that has been growing for almost all of our monitored instances.  This has cause a problem with consuming all of the space on the C: drive.  There was one file alone that was over 600 MB.  We have been able to sidestep the problem of a full C: drive by stopping the monitoring of a specific instance, delete the connection, delete the folder for that instance, then recreate the connection and restart monitoring.  This is not a sustainable process.

     The only files that appear to be growing are the ones associated with SQL instances.  For the folders associated with the OS, SSAS, or VMWare don't appear to be problematic.

     Any clue as to what is happening and why these files appear to grow uncontrollably.  

  • Hi Bob,

    The content under C:\Program Files\Quest Software\Diagnostic Server\Agent\data\caches folder pertains to the "Store SQL text and query plans in Playback" option. By default it's enabled and it's function is to the SQL text and query plans of sessions to the Spotlight Playback database. You can adjust the setting by disabling it globally or per connection. Here's what I suggest:

    1. First remove all subfolders under C:\Program Files\Quest Software\Diagnostic Server\Agent\data\caches

    2. From Spotlight Connection Tree, right-click on the instance name with the large file and select the Properties option. Under Details tab uncheck the "Store SQL text and query plans in playback" option and hit OK.

    To disable the setting globally for all connections select the Configure tab from top of your screen and click Diagnostic Server icon from the ribbon bar. Select the Store SQL text and query plans in Playback"  option and uncheck this feature.

    As to why large size files can get accumulated is most likely due to the larger size of the SQL text and query plans of that instance.

    Hope that helps.

    Spotlight Support Team