Merge Two SpotlightStatisticsRepository Databases

When I upgraded Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise to 12.1, I used the 'Federdated' configuration.  I just upgraded to 12.3 and would like to combine the SpotlightStatisticsRepository database from the 'configuration' and the 'federated' server into one database.  This seems like it would allow the reporting from the new SpotlightStatisticsRepository to contain all the servers being monitored.  Is there a methodology or suggested approach?  

  • Hi Robert,

    It's best to contact our support team if you haven't already done so.

    I would first backup both databases, then add the Repository database data of the federated Diagnostic Server to the Repository database of the configuration Diagnostic Server. Next, use the following steps to update the Diagnostic Server domain IDs of the configuration Diagnostic Server database.

    1.  In SSMS login to instance holding the configuration DS Repository database.

    2.  Under SpotlightStatisticsRespository | Programmability node, execute SP MoveDiagnosticServerHost()
    Enter the input parameter values:
    set @From_Domain = Domain ID of federated Diagnostic Server from step c
    set @To_Domain = Domain ID to configuration Diagnostic Server from step c
    set @FixBug = 0 if the Diagnostic Server port is 3843, otherwise, set to 1