Selecting "What's this" gives Object Not Found

Hello everyone,

I'm running Sportlight on SQL Server Enterprise and when I right-click on an object on the screen and select "What's this", I get a failure similar to this:

Object Not Found

The requested URL '/Temporary_Listen_Addresses/50d0550e-674c-4cb5-a85f-353c54cf5d4e/sqlserver_component_blockedprocesses.html' was not found on the RomPager server

I was getting this on Spotlight 12.2 and just upgraded to 12.3 but the problem persists.  Any recommendation on how to fix this?


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  • Hi Ken,

    The 'What's This?' option loads the content of Spotlight online help based on the related object. A few things you may want to check to ensure your client machine meets the minimum requirements in order to access the online help content within the application:

    • Refer to the Additional Software Requirements section of the Client System Requirements page and verify all requirements are met.
    • Refer to the Network ports on the Spotlight Diagnostic Server section of the Network Ports page and open all requirements ports.

    If issue still persists then I suggest to contact our support team.

    Spotlight Support Team