JPX Object type setup

Limitation with the directory setup. Currently we cannot make it configurable to have the object migrated to the product specific custom top directory.

Instead of /oracle/apps/, we would like the object migrated to the specific custom top ex: XXAP vs XXGL..etc


  • You can do it yourself.... (We have a number of Custom Objects that are displayed from multiple paths)

    You can also try setting the object with a Custom Type as "Custom with Prod"

    Follow these steps.

    1). Click on "New"
    2). Set Path Id to: 2
    3). Set OA Base Directory to: JAVA_TOP
    4). Set Directory to: oracle/apps/xxap
    5). Click on "Active"
    6). Click on "Apply"

    If you no longer need Path Id: 1, uncheck "Acitve" and click on "OK" if you still need it keep it as "Active"

    Bounce all of your Stat EBS agents.

    We have a JPX custom object that executes a shell script name: as part of the migration.

    Let me know if it works for you.


  • Hi Tom,

    What if I want to migrate to oracle/apps/xxgl or oracle/apps/xxpo?
    I create 2 more custom objects? This is what we want to avoid.

  • Is your JPX object a "Custom"? If yes, you can add multiple Source file locations.  This object has 3 different locations.  Stat will look in those 3 locations for files with extension jpx and display the files.

  • Hi Sunil,

    Just following up, did you set this object up as a "Custom" object or "Custom with Prod" object?