Does anyone have post-refresh scripts/processes they'd like to share?

Apologies if this is asked already somewhere, but I couldn't find it.


I am performing an upgrade from 5.7.3 to 6.1.  I had the DBA refresh STATDEV from STATPRD.  From the refresh perspective (not the upgrade perspective) what should I do so that STATDEV doesn't think it's still STATPRD?  What tables need to be updated?  What changes need to be made.


I have already discovered two things : all the jobs need to be de-activated (or maybe changed) since they are blowing up, and the "from" address needs to be updated so STATDEV issues that are e-mailed are not reacted to as if they were coming from STATPRD.  I know there  has to be more, so I don't accidentally perform a test in STATDEV that accidentally causes BAD THINGS in, well, the migration stream, or really, anywhere?

If you've ever cloned/refresh a lower environment from another environment, especially in PeopleSoft, you'll understand what I am asking for.


I also understand this doesn't really happen this often (mostly at upgrade time) but, still, that's enough to have a process.


clark 'the dragon' willis

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