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What’s New in Stat 6.1

Since its inception in 1994, Stat has continued to evolve to meet the challenges enterprise customers face in managing patches and changes to their ERP Systems.  Further, Stat has kept pace with Oracle’s application and technology changes for PeopleSoft and Oracle EBS.  Stat’s latest release, Stat 6.1, is in keeping with its long tradition of supporting Oracle’s application changes by providing support for PeopleSoft’s latest PeopleTools 8.56 release.

Please join us for the upcoming Webinar to see firsthand Stat’s new features and enhancements.  For existing customers this Webinar will help you determine the value of upgrading to the latest Stat release as well as upgrade requirements and our service offering to assist you in the upgrade process.  For new or prospective customers, this Webinar will provide you a preview of Stat’s robust capabilities. 

  • Hi Dennis,

    Does the Stat desktop Client require that Microsoft Internet Explorer be installed? If yes, what are the Internet Security Options requirements? Looking at the documentation I did not find anything.

  • Hi Tom,
    We do require Internet Explorer 11. Stat product development recommends security settings in IE be set to Medium-high. JavaScript execution must be enabled.
  • Hi Dennis,

    Thanks for the reply. Our company pushed out a change that broke the Stat Desktop Client. The change modified the IE security settings. After the change, Stat Desktop Client would no longer displayed the CSR template tied to the CSR Type. Our security settings don't allow me to even see the "Security" tab in IE, so I had no idea what were my Security settings. Was finally able to resolve.