6.1.0 / PT8.54 - Invalid Transaction Handle when migrating subpages


I am on STAT 6.1.0 / PeopleTools 8.54 and whenever I try to migrate an archive set that includes a page with the ADDRESS_SBP subpage on it, I am receiving the following error:

Page Application Upgrade Copy started: 2018-11-23-12.40.53

ADDRESS_SBP - : Page item count is bad. (14,7)

Internal Error: invalid transaction handle instance passed from SamCommit 1: 97 vs 0

System Error : Pages

Error - failure during Copy Database process.

If anyone has any ideas it would be much appreciated.


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  • Do a compare on the archive set vs the source and see if they are the same. If they are and you are getting this error then perhaps there is something wrong with the page. You can try to migrate that page to the staging db outside of stat first to see if it's successful. If it's not successful then something is wrong with the page or the staging db. Please feel free to contact support@quest.com if you need help with this issue.