PeopleTools 8.57 is now supported with 6.2.0 HF-b

Release date of STAT 6.3 with Peopletools 8.57 Certifications

PeopleTools 8.57.04 has been posted for GA availability on 1/15/2019 and we have started to apply it to our first test environment.  We need a STAT 6.3 with 8.57 certification in order to move it to our other environments.  We are not allowed to move it outside of STAT due to our internal and external auditors.  We saw the update on Knowledge base "PeopleTools 8.57 support (260695)" that STAT 6.3 ETA is April  but April is too late for us. Is it possible to release STAT 6.3 with Peopletools 8.57 by Feb end at the latest .
We need to plan our production implementation for PeopleTools 8.57 as soon as possible. We have a limited amount of time in order to comply with our State Farm security patching standard as well.  Thank you for checking into this at your earliest.