VA config

ESXi 5.5

vcenter 6 appliance

vRanger 7.3.1

Backups and restores only. No replication.

When creating a new VA within vRanger, under Virtual Appliance/Configuration, it shows VA name, IP, Host Name.

No matter where the VA gets migrated to, that Host Name information is never updated in Virtual Appliance/Configuration in vRanger.

Since we only do backup/restore, does it matter where VA is located, as long as it stays on the cluster? Or do we have to keep migrating it back to original host that vRanger thinks it is on?

Also, same question as above except for vRanger 7.1.1

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  • We have between 3 to 10 clusters depending on the domain.  I put 1 VA as a cluster default on each cluster  and add a few extra VA's on hosts that have a lot of VM's.  Ive tried the refresh inventory but that doesn't change anything in the VA config.  We only backup and restore and we dont do FLR anymore because its kind of a joke with vRanger. If server has an FLR requirement we then use Netbackup to backup the server.

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