object reference not set to an instance of an object

vRanger 7.3.1

Windows Server 2008R2

vCenter appliance 6

Esxi 6.0U2

vRanger backups ok without appliances. When I add appliance(s) the backup tasks fail with error in subject line. When I delete appliance from vRanger backups are successful.

This error is followed by nothing else. Doesn't even get as far as making a snapshot and no mention in error about attempting to use appliance.

As long as I use just the Windows vRanger server backups and restores work. But as soon as I add appliance, every backup fails. I've done some minor checking such as space but most things suggested on internet would also prevent the Windows vRanger from backing up VM's.

This is strictly VM's and no Physical servers. Hopefully someone can throw a few ideas to point me in the right direction.

  • We no longer have maintenance so I cannot download 7.5.1
  • Error "object reference not set..." comes from C# if I am not mistaken. Pretty generic and could mean anything. Anything that Devs did not take into consideration or did not expect.

    Ranger server-based backup works. Question #1: do you need extra proxy - Ranger VA? Or do you add it for Linux FLR? If former, you can explicitly define Transport mode to ignore VA and use Ranger server as the only proxy.

    Do both VA-based HotAdd and Network modes fail?
    Does VA reside on routable network?
    Does the file /etc/resolv.conf point to right DNS servers?
    Can VA communicate to VC and ESX host over necessary ports? Refer to documentation.
  • Upgraded 2008R2 vRanger server to 7.5.1. This did not help.

    Built new 2012R2 Windows server with 7.5.1 and used the existing VA's. Doing this fixed the issue. VRanger now uses the VA's. I also want to add that 7.5.1 is a great improvement over past versions but the GUI still locks up which was claimed to be fixed LOL :[