vRanger error 2712 - cant create the directory

Hello, Backups for VMs (esx 4.1) were running fine for months, no changes, vRanger 6.0. All  of a sudden last night half of them stopped running with the following error: Error Message: 2712 - can't create the directory cifs. I checked and confirmed permissions are OK, rebooted vRanger server and the Netgear ReadyNas  they backup to, and the job still fails with the same error. Any ideas? I looked at the dell support page and none of those 3 solutions seem to be my issue.


ashish munde

https://downloader.vip/rufus/ downloader.vip/.../ downloader.vip/.../

  • Hello, can you please give us the complete error code? It should have something additional at the end and it would help us troubleshoot this issue. Please remember, we do not longer support vRanger 6.0 or ESX 4.x as that product is already end of life, but if you help us with the complete error code, we can guide you to resolve the issue.