vranger ddboost repository cleanup

I used to be able to use reposync03.2 script to connect and cleanup our datadomain repository.  Our datadomain was upgraded to 6.02.30, and ever since, the script can't connect.  any other tool available to do the cleanup?  I just upgraded to vRanger 7.7 as well to see if that helps.  within vRanger, the repository is connected and backups are running.  It doesn't seem to cleanup old store points, and I end up reaching my disk quota.

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  • Hello Kristiane, the reposync script will connect with specific versions of DD and vRanger. Now, this is a known issue with older versions of vRanger (7.6.6 and 7.7 both have the fix), please open a support case so we can help you clear the orphan savepoints as vRanger won't apply retention policy for these savepoints. Any backup created by 7.7 will be cleaned successfully.