Windows reboot seems to've munged vRanger

I apologize, but I'm a total newbie to vRanger. We've been using it to backup one single Windows 2000 server; if we could do away with this server, we wouldn't need vRanger. I inherited this particular backup from a since-departed IT person, and I have absolutely 0 experience with vRanger.

Recently the server where vRanger is installed was patched / rebooted. Since then, the lone scheduled backup job has not been running. I've managed to find that scheduled job in the vRanger "console" (for lack of a better word?), but when I try to Run it manually, the job fails, with this:

No action was taken because there was no task created. The most likely cause of this issue is due to changes in the VirtualCenter Infrastructure (i.e., removing and re-adding an inventory item from the VirtualCenter or Host will cause ID mismatches). Please refresh inventory and re-create the job.


I've tried refreshing the inventory, but that hasn't made any difference. The job that I'm trying to run is this:

Name: Backup EGBAXPWS4     Type: Backup    Source: EGBAXPWS4    Destination: Local Backup Folder    Enabled: True    Next Run: 2/10/2019

I'm also new to vmWare, so I don't know if it's significant or not... but I don't see EGBAXPWS4 in the inventory.

One last item, to add to all this: I can only bring up the vRanger console by starting whatever service vRanger needs in this fashion: D:\Program Files (x86)\Quest Software\vRanger\Service>Vizioncore.vRanger.Service
.exe DEBUG... So perhaps there's also a service that should have started up on the reboot but didn't?

Any help or advice would be appreciated.

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  • Hello sharring, 

    If you do not see EGBAXPWS4 in the VMware inventory, that's most likely the reason the job won't work. The virtual machine must exist in your VMware environment. If the machine exists, you may want to create a new backup job for it as the identifier has changed due to vCenter DB changes or removing/re-adding the VM to the VC. 

    The only service required to run the backups is the vRanger service, no other service is required to run backups. If you cannot run this service, do you have an error in your Event Viewer -> Application tab? If you cannot run the service due that you cannot connect to the DB, you shouldn't be able to run the DEBUG either. 

    I understand you're new to both vRanger and VMware, but you can also open a support case if you need us to guide you through this. 

    Kind regards,  


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