Want my deleted partition back

Hi guys,

I am using Windows 10, with three partitions in it C, D and E. Everything was working fine till last night but today morning when I turn on my HP laptop E partition is not available. Don’t know what happen to my laptop. I am not tech savvy so unable to identify the issue, but I want my partition back. Please help me out.

  • Hello,

    There can be number of reasons behind the vanished partition issue, like a virus, file system corruption, etc.

    Have you checked the drive in disk management? If not then check there first and acknowledge me the status so I can provide the best solution.
  • Hello Tom,

    Thanks for the quick response.

    I have checked the disk management; all partitions are listed there with the healthy drive status except the E drive. E drive shows RAW status; don’t know what to do now.
  • It means that E drive has lost its file system and need to be formatted for reuse. Just format the drive from disk management and recreate the new partition with the defined file system.
  • If I format the drive then I will lose all my important documents, is there any solution, which helps to solve this problem without formatting the drive.
  • It sounds like your partition table was corrupted for the E volume. Once that happens, the volume shows as RAW. To recover you either have to restore the partition table somehow or recover the data somehow? Do you have a backup of this data? If not, then you'll need to look at third party software like Easus Partition Recovery, Recuva, or R-Studio. One of those might be able to see the data and recover it. Quest doesn't in any way work with those software or support them, so you're on your own for that.

    A software like Rapid Recovery or AppAssure can only help you by backing up the data prior to a problem like this occuring.