Agentless Exchange log truncation - is this working for anyone?

This has not yet worked even once for me. Working with Quest support who, after a lot of time & effort, is recommending agent based protection.

I have Exchange 2016 Enterprise CU19 on Server 2016 Standard. VMware tools full installation. ESXI and vCenter are 6.7 U2.

Server is fairly new thanks to the Exchange hack earlier this year. We built all new servers and decom'd the old ones. I believe the old one was agent based protection. I only recently got involved with managing Rapid Recovery, mainly because of the log files situation.

I followed steps in this article, even going beyond and just disabling the firewall completely:

I just ran diskshadow as per my quest support person's recommendation. Over 1TB of log files finally disappeared.

I really hope I can get this to work.