Moving backup replication core repo to Azure

We have one main office with the main core.  We have decommissioned our secondary site where our backup core was which is now up and running in the main office, for now.  I'm trying to figure out how to push the backups to Azure to retain the offsite tertiary backups.  We don't currently have an Azure VM environment built to create a new server core up there so in the meantime, I'm looking to push our backups to the Azure blob we do have today.  This seems like the fastest path to gain peace of mind until we can build out Azure to accommodate a core, or just move the existing backup core there. 

I have created the Azure repository in RR.  Is it possible to change the repository being used of each machine without having to delete and recreate the replication?  I'm afraid it will delete the existing backups although I believe it will just archive them into 'recovery points only' status.