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Deleting savepoints not clearing space on RDA repo


I have vRanger backing up to a Dell Powervault DR4100 repository via RDA (Dell Rapid Data Access). We recently ran out of space so I went to the Repository View and completely removed ALL backup savepoints from a few VM's. It was at least 2 TB worth of unique data..  Over the next few days I checked my DR4100 to see how much space it would clear up and the available space hasn't increased a single byte.   The DR4100's cleanup process runs normally and finds nothing to clean.

It almost seems like vRanger removes the savepoint from its database (and thus not viewable in the Repository) but does NOT actually delete the files on the repository!  The space does not get reclaimed until I delete the RDA container on the DR4100, then suddenly all that space is available.  Unfortunately, I cannot delete this particular container. 

Normally if this were an NFS or CIFS container I would be able to view the files and maybe delete them manually, but that does not seem to be the case with RDA. Just wondering if anyone has come across this issue before or knows of a way of browsing an RDA container to see the files, or have vRanger REALLY delete the files. 


THank you~