vRanger 7.8.1 did not mark exchange 2013 DB as Backuped


i have an Problem

i installed an new Exchange 2013 and now vRanger did not mark the DB as backuped.

VSS is active

Backup tasks are working normal full and incremental for this server

if there are some other options to activate ?



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  • Thanks for the information, would it be possible to temporarily disable the firewall and the antivirus on that Exchange server. We use the standard dynamic RPC ports in order to establish a connection to the server and then push the files. Are you also able to access the administrative share from the vRanger server? In order to push the script to the right folders, you should be able to access that admin share (for example: \\exchangeserver\c$)

  • hi, 

    admin share is able an working

    firewall is off

    antivirus is off

  • Would it be possible to create a support request to get some additional logging and understand what's happening in the background? In the worst case scenario, we can manually configure the scripts required to perform VSS, but I would like to understand why vRanger is not able to create a RPC connection to your Exchange server. 

  • sorry at the moment not possible i tried first to open request

  • hi,

    i am sure the backups working fine.

    is it possible to start vss script manualy ?

    until we can fix the rpc problem ?


  • In order to manually set up the VSS files, you can follow these instructions:

    1. On the VM that you want to backup create the following directory Quest\vzShadow in C:\Program Files\

    2. From the following directory in the vRanger machine C:\Program Files\Quest\vRanger\VSS or move the following files msvcp100_x64.dllmsvcr100_x64.dll, and vzshadow_x64.exe to the newly-created directory on the machine that you want to backup C:\Program Files\Quest\vzShadow. Once the files are copied, make sure to rename the vzshadow_x64.exe file to vzshadow.exe, msvcr100_x64.dll to msvcr100.dll, and msvcp100_x64.dll to msvcp100.dll

    3. On the VM that you want to backup create the following directory backupscripts.d in this location: C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware Tools\

    4. Create a freeze.bat file in the newly-created directory on the machine you want to backup C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware Tools\backupscripts.d

    5. For log truncation to occur please add the following text to the freeze.bat file: 

    echo off
    if "%1" == "freeze" goto doFreeze
    goto EOF
    "c:\Program Files\Dell\vzShadow\vzshadow.exe" X:

    Make sure to add the specific drives by replacing the "X:". For example, if you have two drives (C: & D:)

    echo off

    if "%1" == "freeze" goto doFreeze
    goto EOF
    "c:\Program Files\Dell\vzShadow\vzshadow.exe" C: D: