Bodybuilding.com: Data Replication Helps Fitness Company Stream Visitors to Its Website

We have eliminated the two hours of downtime we used to have every night for our reporting database by switching to SharePlex.

Sean Scott, Oracle DBA, Bodybuilding.com

When reporting workloads began dragging down the performance of its website, Bodybuilding.com knew it needed to offload reporting to a separate database. But the IT team’s first approach — a daily static copy of the database — suffered from its own performance and downtime issues. So they looked for a better solution. The company implemented SharePlex® to offload reporting and support their business analytics. As a result, Bodybuilding.com was able to maintain strong website performance while enabling advanced analytics and ad hoc reporting 24x7. They did this without increasing their costs.

Read this case study on to see how Bodybuilding.com uses SharePlex to run safe and seamless migrations that save the company up to $280,000 each by dramatically reducing downtime.




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