Priceline.com keeps its website humming 24/7/365 with SharePlex

“We have been able to achieve close to 100 percent uptime for years at a time on our critical databases using SharePlex."

Ken Jones, Senior Vice President of IT Operations, priceline.com

For well over a decade, priceline.com has chosen our reliable replication and proactive performance monitoring solutions to ensure high availability and high performance for its very active website and Oracle databases. Nearly 100 percent uptime and quick issue resolution enhances customer satisfaction, and the company enjoys seamless migrations while reducing hardware and storage costs.

  • Enhanced customer satisfaction and retention with 99.9% website availability
  • Avoided expensive outages normally associated with upgrades
  • Virtually eliminated database outages by proactively identifying emerging issues




SharePlex - 高可用性、拡張性、および相互運用性のためのデータベース・レプリケーション・ソフトウェア