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Remote Desktop Scanning Software for Terminal Server, Citrix, Cloud & VDI

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Terminal server and cloud environments, by default, do not support remote desktop scanning. RemoteScan solves this, offering a seamless way to connect your document scanners within your remote desktop session.

RemoteScan enables you to map the drivers of document scanners to any scanning software hosted in Terminal Server, Microsoft Azure, Citrix or VMware environments, making document archiving to the cloud a cinch. RemoteScan fully supports RDP scanning for server or cloud-hosted electronic medical record (EMR) scan software, accounting software or other document management solutions. RemoteScan software provides a secure, remote scanning workflow: Scanned images are immediately transmitted to the server using encrypted virtual channels. You can also set up RemoteScan to share any scanner with other users on the network.

RemoteScan Enterprise

Turn your document scanner into an RDP scanner that can easily be used in a remote desktop session. Use RemoteScan Enterprise for remote desktop scanning with all EMR, document management, accounting scanning software or other TWAIN scanning software running in Terminal Server, Microsoft Azure, VMware or Citrix sessions.

Key Features

Supports TWAIN scanning software applications

Connects scanners in remote desktop environments

Supports TWAIN, WIA, and ScanSnap drivers

Complies with enterprise requirements

RemoteScan Universal

Turn your document scanner into an RDP scanner that can easily connect to any hosted TWAIN- or ISIS-compliant scanning software. RemoteScan Universal enables remote desktop scanning functionality for all Terminal Server, Citrix, cloud or VDI hosted document scanning software, including EMR, document management and accounting software.

Key Features

Supports TWAIN- and ISIS-compliant scanning software

Connects document scanners in remote desktop environments

Complies with enterprise requirements

Supports TWAIN, WIA, and ScanSnap drivers

RemoteScan for LAN

Share a single document scanner with up to 100 other PCs located anywhere on your network. RemoteScan for LAN turns any scanner into a network scanner that can be used by other workstations on the local area network.

Key Features

Enables scanner sharing on a LAN

Supports all scanner brands

Use lossless and lossy compression

Supports TWAIN scanning software