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Migration Matcher

For Active Directory / Entra ID migration

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On Demand Migration for Active Directory

Migrate and consolidate Active Directory environments, accelerating modernization initiatives. This SaaS-based solution integrates and migrates objects between Active Directory, Entra ID, and hybrid directory environments without requiring trusts, SQL, network connectivity, or installing servers.
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Migrator Pro for Active Directory

Merge, consolidate, or restructure your Active Directory environment, all while keeping users, devices, and applications in sync. Migrator Pro is easily adaptable to your unique requirements and facilitates the migration of remote workstations even when they aren’t connected to the corporate network.

For email migration

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PST Flight Deck

Automate the identification, migration and elimination of PSTs and quickly and reliably migrate data to targets such as Microsoft 365, Exchange, Enterprise Vault and hybrid configurations. The solution helps reduce security vulnerabilities, ensure compliance and enable data centralization.
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Archive Shuttle

Simplify email archive migration with this email archive migration software that lets you move data from Veritas Enterprise Vault, Quest Archive Manager, EMC SourceOne or Zantaz EAS, all while maintaining archive access throughout the migration process.
Migrator for Notes to Exchange

Migrator for Notes to Exchange

Ensure a zero-impact Notes-to-Microsoft 365 migration with this migration solution that mitigates risk and reduces the burden on the migration team and help desk by delivering a zero-impact migration from Lotus Notes to Office 365 and Exchange.
On Demand Migration for Microsoft Exchange

On Demand Migration for Microsoft Exchange

Increase Exchange migration simplicity not only by migrating mail to the primary or archive mailbox for each user, but also by ensuring uninterrupted access by migrating permissions and delegates. This SaaS-based solution also preserves public folders, shared and resource mailboxes to meet compliance obligations.
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Migrator Pro for Exchange

Simplify enterprise Exchange migrations to newer versions of Exchange, Microsoft 365 or GCC High, saving time and money. It migrates mailboxes and public folders while automating administrative processes and empowering end-users with visibility and control into their migration.

For content migration

Migrator for Notes to SharePoint

Migrator for Notes to SharePoint

Simplify your Notes to SharePoint migration and stay in command of your transition to avoid data loss and failed projects. ties. Migrator for Notes to SharePoint also enables pre-migration assessments to inventory and evaluate applications for complexity and need.
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On Demand Migration for SharePoint

Make it easier to migrate SharePoint server data while ensuring continued access and security with this SaaS-based SharePoint migration solution that preserves site and document permissions, as well as content metadata for continued compliance.
On Demand Migration for OneDrive

On Demand Migration for OneDrive

Streamline the migration of OneDrive sites to new tenants, allowing end users to preserve valuable data, including permissions. In addition, this SaaS-based solution lets you filter OneDrive storage files based on folder, type, date or size to accelerate migration or schedule migration tasks at your convenience.
On Demand Migration for Teams

On Demand Migration for Teams

Maintain continued collaboration and retain data stored in Teams channels, conversations and documents. You can merge or rename Teams as they are being transferred to the target tenant, and users can continue where they left off, even after they have been migrated, including historical data.
Metalogix Content Matrix

Metalogix Content Matrix

Conquer your next SharePoint or Microsoft 365 migration, minimize risk and increase automation. Metalogix® Content Matrix by Quest makes it possible, offering the scalability to suit your evolving needs and project timelines.

For tenant migration

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On Demand Migration

Migrate all your workloads and Active Directory with one comprehensive Office 365 tenant-to-tenant migration solution that migrates all your Microsoft 365 tenants running, including Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams, as well as on-premises Active Directory.

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