Active Administrator for Active Directory Health


We have purchased Active Admin for Active Directory Health.  We did not purchase a lot of the other components to capture user and group statuses, we are concerned with the health of our AD infrastructure.  As I search for ways to use this tool to our best ability, I struggle because there are many components visible that aren't available because we don't license them.

So what I am hoping someone can help me with is to point out ways to:

  • report on current status of AD infrastructure health (replication, time, dns, etc)
  • set up alerts on important AD infrastructure events (and help in identifying what those important ones may be)
  • review history of health and events

I am struggling because this tool has a lot of information, and a lot of which we're not licensed for, so I'm trying to set it up in such a way anyone on my team can easily and quickly get a real time and point in time view of infrastructure status. 

Thanks in advance for any direction you can give.